Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010...a year to remember, a lifetime of memories

Since i started running last May of this year, it wasn't until June when i took running seriously and since then, i have logged 835km in Come to think of it, my life as a runner is still half a year old. It certainly doesn't feel like half a year old though but i trully enjoy updating my workouts and making new friends in

I made a short round up of how my year 2010 went with Ungo and my teammates, Team Tytsbogdo! I guess we don't need a decade or a lifetime to get us where we are now but rather the quality of friendship and comraderie we have built among ourselves is what matters most. Through the roads we have travelled together and to the roads we will surely travel together in the future. 

Let this short clip be a dedication to all my friends in Ungo and Team Tytsbogdo! Cebu City Marathon 2011 is fast approaching, so let's do this! Let's get through it together as we always have done. 

Happy holidays to all of you guys!!! Always believe...


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